Cathy Dubuisson is a professional photographer who captures light to accentuate her subjects. 

Posing? No! Spotlights and studio? Absolutely not! Her signature - natural light!

“There is no light without shadow,” said Louis Aragon, the French poet. A great quote that describes the French artist to a tee as she’s a past master when it comes to catching the tiniest natural glow that emanates from this shadow…

Her first Reflex when she was twelve. A passion for cars that’s possibly hereditary, or the result of knowhow and transmission, or maybe just a fan’s knowhow passed on to his daughter: Thank you, Dad!

In her hands, the car becomes a fashion model. Cathy uses her skills to make the most of her model’s silhouette and bring out its beauty.

She’s always on the go and loves movement. She plays with light. Maybe this is where her passion for cars and her taste of natural photography meet. In this notion from the speed of light to the speed of the passage of time, everything hinges on a fraction of a second for a successful race or a successful photo. But there’s nothing stereotyped about her work as she uses her discerning eye to seize the moment she sees and retains what many ignore.

When some are blinded by light, her reaction is the opposite and she captures it through her lens and, without altering reality, transforms it into magic. For a split second she immortalizes what seems mundane and turns it into poetry in an image, which creates emotions that spawn an imaginary story. Looking at one of her photographs, it’s easy to let oneself be sucked in by its light.  We’re transported into dreamland, to a contrast in which we feel movement, action, speed. Or on the other hand, frozen in time, we learn about the environment, about the detail that has escaped us, which transforms our vision. For example, the front of a beautiful historic car becomes a shark’s nose, or raindrops turn into a river of diamonds. She does not adapt light, but exploits what shade and light have to offer us in their natural state.

I would like to thank Amandine Romano Pierard for the text.